Decorating in just one day...

Room Re-design or One Day Decorating Services Cherry Hill, NJ & South Jersey

Room RedesignRoom Re-design (also known as “One Day Decorating”) is applying interior design principles and our designer abilities and gifts to create a beautifully designed room, using what you already have. We transform your home, utilizing the items you have accumulated, beautiful or not, with the assistance of a talented person who has a passion for making homes look beautiful. We do this in just One Day!

We will take what you have in the room, move it and rearrange it, applying proper placement principles. We will also shop your home for artwork and accessories to complete the room, showing its greatest function and potential.

Our major goal as Interior Redesigners is to create an atmosphere that will create in you, absolute delight and serenity as you enter the room. We want you to look forward to entering this room and feel that it is a refuge from your busy world. In essence, making your “house a home with a room re-design.”